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Houston Refinery Accident Lawyer

After a refinery accident injury or loved one’s death, you need money to pay for your subsequent losses. A Houston refinery accident lawyer at Ivey Law Firm, P.C. will tenaciously represent your case to insurance companies or at a civil trial.

Texas oil refineries and plans are vital to a prosperous economy. However, workplace injuries happen on job sites every day and can cause enormous medical costs, lost wages, and more. Your employer has coverage available through its workers’ compensation policy, which means you should receive an adequate settlement for your losses.

However, workers’ compensation may not be enough. If someone’s careless or reckless acts of negligence played a role in your injury, you can pursue a third-party or non-subscriber claim at the civil court level. These cases are challenging to navigate without the help of a Houston refinery accident lawyer.

Even more, insurance companies may not play according to the rules either. You do not have to accept untimely delays or illegal acts from their representatives or adjusters. No matter what type of refinery accident injury or wrongful death matter you are facing, Ivey Law Firm, P.C. will stand by your side throughout the entire claims or litigation process.

Free Consultation for Guidance

Ivey Law Firm, P.C. offers prospective clients to contact us at 713-225-0015 or through our contact form for a Free Consultation. If you select us to represent your matter, we will take it on a contingency fee basis, and you owe us nothing until you win.

Representing Refinery Accident Injury and Wrongful Death Victims in Houston

Oil refinery accidents are among the more dangerous type since the environment at a worksite involves machinery, workers, chemicals, and other risks. However, an injury or death is not necessarily the accuser’s fault.

Negligence in the workplace is also a common occurrence, which means that you should have a Houston refinery accident lawyer at Ivey Law Firm, P.C. investigate the facts of your case to establish if there were other contributing factors not previously known. You will always understand your options when you work with our legal team.

Refinery accident cases our team represents includes, but does not limit itself to:

  • Inadequate facility maintenance
  • General disorganization
  • Explosions and fires
  • OSHA safety violations
  • Tainted materials
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Improper safety gear
  • Improper storage of materials
  • And more

The employing company, property owner, and manufacturers owe you and others on the job site a general duty of care to act safely. When they breach this general duty, and it results in catastrophic injuries or death, victims have the right to fight for compensation for their physical, financial, emotional, and future losses.

In our experience, insurance companies may attempt to provide an inadequate settlement or unnecessarily deny your claim. It is your right to have a Houston refinery accident lawyer evaluate any offer before you sign off and agree to it. Perform due diligence toward yourself and contact Ivey Law Firm, P.C. to review your claim. If we think we can get you more, we will readily provide our legal opinion.

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Refinery Accidents Should Never Happen

When everyone is acting conscientiously, negligent accidents should never happen. Safety measures and protocols are vital for this reason. Negligence is a legal term that a Houston refinery accident lawyer uses to describe when someone else did not act in a reasonable manner and consequently injured you or your loved one.

While negligence does not have to play a role in a workers’ compensation claim, it is required for a third-party or non-subscriber claim. The reason why claimants pursue third-party cases is that workers’ comp benefits do not always pay for every loss experienced.

Texas Comparative Negligence Laws May Play a Significant Role

However, Texas follows comparative negligence laws. Comparative negligence is another legal term that describes the level of fault exhibited by two parties or more by a degree of percentage. For example, if your site was damaged due to chemical burns, you can still receive compensation for your medical bills, but if the insurance company finds that you were not wearing the mandated eyewear, then you may have your award reduced.

When you push back against a subpar settlement or award, the insurance company and its lawyers will continue to investigate the accident internally and may look for opportunities to place some of the blame on you. Do not accept your unfair share of responsibility. Seek the legal counsel of a Houston refinery accident lawyer to pushback when this strategy is used to reduce your benefits.

Compensation After a Refinery Accident

Compensation is the main objective of any legal matter involving an injury death of a family member. While it may seem challenging to think about money at a time like this, it is your right to receive compensation pursuant to our state’s workers’ compensation and civil laws. A financial award allows you to pay for the harm that someone else caused you or as a result of being an employee.

While every case is unique, a Houston refinery accident lawyer at Ivey Law Firm, P.C. has secured awards for injured workers, including:

  • Lost work wages and benefits
  • Past due and future medical bills
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Wrongful death compensation
  • Punitive Damages
  • And more

The most challenging civil award to receive from a work accident injury case is your non-economic losses, like mental anguish and emotional distress. Workmans’ comp does not provide for these benefits, and you cannot sue your employer in court.

The exception to this rule is if someone’s negligence played a role. However, there are limiting circumstances that apply to these claims, too. A Houston refinery accident lawyer at Ivey Law Firm, P.C. will ensure that you have a deep understanding of your legal rights and options as well as the direction in which you may want to take your case.

Wrongful Death Awards for Surviving Family

There are other awards that are recoverable from a wrongful death case, including loss of companionship, funeral reimbursement, and cremation, and burial costs. Your loved one’s death should have never happened if negligence played a role.

If you hire a Houston refinery accident lawyer at Ivey Law Firm, P.C., we will hold responsible parties liable for their negligent actions. We guarantee that we will treat you and your family members with compassion and empathy when you work with our legal team.

Why a Houston Refinery Accident Lawyer Helps

The intricacies of laws as they apply to your specific situation is what makes negotiating a fair settlement so challenging for victims and surviving loved ones. Concepts that may apply to one case will not conform to another. A Houston refinery accident lawyer uses our experience, training, and knowledge, and we put those resources behind you.

As such, Ivey Law Firm, P.C. will provide comprehensive legal services at no upfront cost to you, including:

  • Documenting your claim: Evidence is a cornerstone of a strong refinery accident injury case. Without it, it is your word against the negligent party or insurance company. Ivey Law Firm, P.C. will meticulously document your case and preserve evidence that speaks to the supportive facts.
  • Communications with opposing sides: Dealing with your employer, its insurer, opposing counsel, and other parties make disputing a claim intimidating for some workers. Rather than speak with them directly, your Houston refinery accident lawyer will handle communications directly through our office.
  • Assess other legal remedies: Under a workers’ compensation claim, you cannot sue your employer for non-economic damages, like emotional distress and mental anguish. However, exceptions to this rule apply. Ivey Law Firm, P.C. will review your case to determine if you can pursue other legal avenues.
  • Thorough investigation of the facts: Your insurance company has their version of events, and you have yours. However, their version of events typically comes prepared with seemingly irrefutable evidence when you balk at the settlement offer. Get a Houston refinery accident lawyer on your side to investigate the facts of your case and build a stronger foundation for your side of the story.
  • Contingency fees: You do not need to go into debt further by hiring a Houston refinery accident lawyer. Our legal team takes cases on a contingency fee basis and will not request any form of advance payment to receive our legal services. We do not earn your business and our attorneys’ fees until we win your injury or wrongful death case.
  • Responsive legal care: It is our duty to answer your questions and communications with our firm promptly. You have the commitment from Ivey Law Firm, P.C. that we will make you feel heard and essential throughout the entire time you work with our firm. We understand that this situation is challenging and want to make the experience as seamless as possible.

You deserve a legal team that passionately fights for injured workers and possesses a track record for success. Ivey Law Firm, P.C. wants you to know that you will have a tenacious partner at every critical point in your case. If we believe that your claim is a right candidate for civil litigation, we will represent your rights and interests in the courtroom. You are never left without your best interests considered when you hire a Houston refinery accident lawyer.

Oil Refinery Statutes of Limitation in Texas

After you suffer from an injury or your loved one loses his or her life, your claim is subject to the laws known as statutes of limitations. The statute of limitations is a legal deadline that civil laws assign and prescribe to cases. Depending upon your situation, this deadline is different for everyone. However, the general personal injury statute of limitations in Texas is up to two years from the date of your injury.

Missing the Statute of Limitations

When cases miss this deadline, it precludes you from filing a claim or going to court. These circumstances matter because the timing of an injury case is essential. Once you agree to the settlement, you cannot ask for more money in the future. Insurance companies are quick to process these cases since they are aware that new or worsening injuries and associated losses can develop over time.

Exceptions to the Statute of Limitations

There are specific instances that preclude a claimant from pursuing an injury claim, including a leave of absence from the state or a legal disability. If you believe the statute of limitations on your case expired, consider speaking with a Houston refinery accident lawyer if it was close. We will help you find out if you have additional legal options.

Getting Results for Our Clients in Houston and Throughout Texas

In some cases, your accident injuries or family member’s death was caused by the negligence of a third-party. Ivey Law Firm, P.C. will help you pursue compensation from these individuals according to the conclusive findings of our investigation. Even if you were partially responsible, workers’ comp should still provide benefits for your covered losses according to the state laws of Texas.

Injuries Take Time to Develop

If you hire a Houston refinery accident lawyer, we will work hard and smart to build a strong case that supports the facts and circumstances backed by admissible evidence. It may take time to develop, but we take a detail-oriented and disciplined approach that achieves the results that our clients deserve.

Ultimately, you do not want to rush through the settlement process if your case can help it. Injures also take time to develop. If you are facing extensive or routine treatment, we want to know how your case develops over time so that we demand an adequate award for your future losses.

Call Now for a Free Consultation

When you have legal questions, gain clarity and insight by contacting Ivey Law Firm, P.C. for a Free Consultation at 713-225-0015 or by requesting a callback via our contact form. We will return your message within 24 hours.

Remember, your Houston refinery accident lawyer will take your case on a contingency fee basis and will not ask for our legal fees until we earn your business by winning your case.