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Government planning to relax federal rest rules

A previous post discussed the hours of service rules that truckers regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, must follow. This post discussed how these rules are supposed to prevent truck driver fatigue and thus ensure the safety of all motorists traveling on the Texas highways and roads.

A properly secured load is important

The whole point of having large trucks on the roads of Houston and in the rest of the country is that they can carry a lot of heavy items relatively easily. While this is, of course, an advantage because it allows for the efficient transportation of all kinds of goods and equipment, it is also a risk. After all, if heavy items were suddenly to fall from the back or the sides of the truck, they may strike other vehicles or otherwise cause a serious trucking accident.

Have ELDs reduced truck accidents?

The introduction of electronic logging devices was supposed to herald a change in the trucking industry by reducing driver fatigue and making the roads safer, but a recent report claims this has not happened. In fact, Texas residents might be surprised to learn the study suggests that drivers are engaging in unsafe driving practices that might offset any benefits of ELDs.

Trucker's hours of service regulations

Any motor vehicle accident is tragic enough and has the potential to cause loss of limb and life, but a truck accident can be more dangerous because of the size of the vehicle involved. If not operated properly, an 18-wheeler has the potential to become a weapon that can cause destruction on the road. One of the main causes for truck accidents is driver fatigue-truck drivers drive long hours and are often pushed to drive without taking adequate rest breaks. This is why a trucker's hours of service are regulated by both state and federal laws.

More delivery trucks may mean more accidents over the holidays

It seems like every week Amazon is in the news for reaching some new lofty accomplishment. Whether it is becoming the most profitable company or merging with smaller entities to grow its share of the market base, Amazon is constantly changing to attempt to reach new customers. This holiday season Texas residents may connect with Amazon either as gift buyers or may receive gifts that have been shipped from the online megastore.

Legal assistance for unique trucking accident cases

Big trucks and commercial vehicles play an important role in the system of supplying retailers with goods throughout Texas and the rest of the country. Semis, big rigs and other large vehicles have massive storage capacities and can haul items over long distances and to locations in the remote parts of the nation. It is possible that the very device or computer that a reader is using to view this post was at one time hauled on a large truck.

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