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What are the requirements to secure a CDL?

A commercial driver’s license is a privilege that you must earn as a driver by showing you have the right skills and knowledge. You must first have a regular driver’s license to earn this endorsement.

You can also lose your CDL for things you do while driving a commercial vehicle or driving your personal vehicle because the state holds you to a higher standard when you have a CDL due to the responsibility that comes with this type of license.

General Requirements

The Texas Department of Public Safety states to get a CDL, you must first secure a commercial driver’s permit and hold it for at least 14 days before you take the test for your CDL. You also must be a lawful resident or U.S. citizen and a resident of Texas.

You will have to show proof of your identity, proof of insurance and registration information for all vehicles you own. You will need to provide your CDL application and documentation when you go to take your test.

You also must have a Social Security number, complete a CDL training course and get medical certification. You will have to provide your thumbprints, have your picture taken and pass a vision exam at the licensing office.


There are three types of CDLs: A, B and C. The type of license determines the weight of the vehicle you can drive, whether you can carry passengers and your ability to haul hazardous materials.

You can also earn endorsements, which are special aspects of your license that allow you to do certain things. To gain an endorsement, you must pass extra testing.