Personal Injury

Personal injury accidents are very common, caused by many circumstances. At the Ivey Law Firm, P.C., Houston, TX, we work exclusively with personal injury clients. If you are injured because another person or company was negligent, seek compensation for your personal injury claims, including medical costs, lost wages and more. If a loved one died in an accident caused by negligent behavior, survivors also can seek damage claims for expenses, including funeral and burial expenses.

Ivey Law Firm, P.C.

Our law firm was founded in 2009, by Attorney Jack Todd Ivey, a fourth generation Texan with over 21 years experience in the practice of law. We are proud to serve fellow Texans who were injured or had loved ones killed in accidents due to negligence. Injury accidents happen often, on highways, at construction sites and elsewhere. When a person or company is negligent, and the result of that behavior is an injury accident, the injured party can seek compensation for various claims.

Attorney Jack Todd Ivey

Attorney Jack Todd Ivey is a 1992 graduate of South Texas College of Law, and in 2004 was granted Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Law. He knows how to thoroughly investigate an accident and has expert witnesses to bring in as needed to win cases. A winner in court, Jack Ivey also excels at the negotiation table, helping clients win generous settlements quickly.

Attorney Jacob D. Barber

Jacob Barber was licensed in Texas to practice law in 2011. He also focuses on helping Ivey Law Firm clients who have personal injury cases that move to litigation. A member of the State Bar of Texas, Jacob also belongs to the Houston Trial Lawyers Association. He is licensed to practice law in all Texas state courts.

Houston Personal Injury Attorneys

Seek help from our highly experienced Houston Personal Injury Attorneys if you were injured due to negligent behavior. This can occur in many ways, including the following examples:

  • Vehicle accidents – cars, trucks, buses, boats, trains, airplanes, 18-wheelers, motorcycles
  • Medical malpractice – substandard care, abuse, birth injuries, nursing home neglect
  • Product defects – machinery, drugs, equipment
  • Premises Liability – slip and fall accidents
  • Wrongful death

Get Experienced Legal Representation

We offer free case evaluations and contingency fee payments to clients. We want to help you recover financially from your unfortunate accident and move on with life. Talk to our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys only, and do not discuss your injuries with any insurance agents. We will uphold your rights and work diligently on your behalf, treating every case with the unique care and attention it deserves.

For more information or to discuss your personal injury accident, contact the Ivey Law Firm, P.C., Houston, TX today. Call us now, at (713) 225-0015 and get the strong legal support you deserve.