Firm Overview

Firm History

Ivey Law Firm, P.C. was founded in 2009 by 21 year practitioner Jack Todd Ivey, a Board Certified Personal Injury Law Trial Lawyer. Ivey Law Firm only represents injured victims and their families.

Firm Mission

Our primary goal is to assist injured victims in achieving the best possible result as it relates to the circumstances whereby they were injured. Every case is different and every outcome is unique. We cannot predict the ultimate result in any given case, but rest assured that we will use all of our hard earned experience to assist our clients in obtaining every form of compensation that Texas law permits.

We understand that these situations present difficult times for our clients and their families. They did not plan on being injured and we can only imagine that their injuries are causing extreme personal and possibly financial hardship. It is our goal to identify all of the potentially liable parties and to place them on notice of our representation. After completing that task, we then work to document all of the losses incurred as a result of the injury. Once that is completed we will submit that information to the liable party or parties in the form of a demand for settlement and work to negotiate a resolution on our clients behalf. Should those efforts fail we stand ready to file a lawsuit to present the case to a judge and jury.

Work Philosophy

When Jack Todd Ivey founded Ivey Law Firm, P. C., he had one goal in mind: To give people a voice where otherwise they might not have one. We handle general negligence cases, which usually involve average individuals who have experienced non-fatal events, he notes. People like that are losing their voice in the current judicial climate because those claims are the first ones to get pushed aside; but we’re still in the trenches working for these individuals. Every year, the Ivey Law Firm files hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of its clients.